Advanced Force Gauge (AFG)

Our top-of-the-range Advanced Force Gauge (AFG) is the most accurate digital gauge in the world, with 10 models from 2.5 N to 2500 N.

It can be used handheld or attached to a manual or motorized test stand for optimum testing performance.

Basic Force Gauge (BFG)

The Basic Force Gauge (BFG) is the core digital instrument for tension and compression measurement from Mecmesin, there are 6 models covering load ranges from 10 N to 2500 N.

A portable, affordable and easy-to-use force measurement solution with ‘live’ load display and ultimate peak hold capture.

Compact Force Gauge (CFG+)

The Compact Force Gauge (CFG+) is the entry-level, low-cost digital force gauge from Mecmesin.

It is suitable for elementary tension and compression tests ranging from 50 to 500 N.

This lightweight, pocket-sized digital alternative to mechanical force gauges is ideal for non-critical applications that require peak measurements.

Shotcrete Penetrometer

The Shotcrete Penetrometer is a complete portable system for testing the compressive strength of the initial curing stage of young sprayed concrete to BS EN 14488-2 (Method A).

It provides accurate readings of the forces required to penetrate sprayed (shotcrete) or poured concrete. These resistive force readings are then used to convert to a compressive strength value. This accuracy—beyond the requirements of the standard—and portability make it ideal for on-site testing.

Advanced Force & Torque Indicator (AFTI)

A versatile force and torque display unit, with interchangeable 'smart' sensors, that provides high accuracy and flexibility.

The AFTI can be used as a handheld device for mobile applications or it can be used as the measurement device for integration into your own test rig.

Myometer muscle strength tester

The Mecmesin Myometer is a highly accurate instrument suited to a wide range of muscle strength evaluations and ergonomic testing.

Developed in partnership with medical professionals, this dedicated instrument is able to perform more consistent fixed-point isometric muscle strength tests. The included accessories plus automatic calculation and display of the Constant Score values provide a complete solution for quick and reliable patient assessment.