ValuTest-L lever test stand

The ValuTest-L is a simple, manually-operated test stand featuring a basic rack-and-pinion with reinforced crosshead, whose movement is controlled by a lever.

Can be bench-mounted for use in a vertical position. Not recommended for applications requiring precise measurement of crosshead movement.

Combine with any Mecmesin digital force gauge to measure tension and compression up to 500 N.

ValuTest-L - Basic Lever

The ValuTest-L test stand is a lever-operated test stand featuring a crosshead which is fixed to a coarse leadscrew.

The crosshead is then roughly positioned to the desired height. A rack-and-pinion, with a bracket to hold a force gauge, is attached to the crosshead and its movement is controlled by a lever up to a maximum of 47mm. Designed to apply basic tensile and compressive forces up to 500 N (110 lbf ).  

It is a low-cost test stand designed for elementary tests. Not recommended for applications requiring precise measurement of crosshead movement.

Choose from the range of Mecmesin digital force gauges to select the most appropriate instrument to measure the load.