Tornado Digital Torque Tester

The Tornado digital torque tester is ideally suited for the testing of application and removal torque on caps and closures.

Manually operated, the Tornado range has 4 models with capacities ranging from 1.5 - 10 N.m to cover almost all closures types and sizes.

Its ability to detect initial bridge torque and peak torque make it the instrument of choice for testing closures with tamper-evident seals.

The Tornado cap torque tester has all the functionality and features of the Orbis with some important added extras.

A configurable first-peak function, coupled with the standard maximum reading, ensures that both the initial slip torque and also the bridge torque are captured. This is of particular interest when measuring the performance of tamper-evident closures (e.g. ROPP) where a maximum reading alone is insufficient to determine both characteristics. An onboard memory of up to 500 results is also available for mass storage when batch testing and can be downloaded later to a printer or PC.

The Tornado also features 5 different configurable alarm settings to suit individual closure types. Each setting will alert an operator with a buzzer and/or red & green lights to indicate during testing whether the torque reading is within or outside its tolerance limit.

To avoid the risk of operators inadvertently changing units of measurement or the operating mode, there is a password-protected lock function. This is particularly useful when the instrument is being used over several shifts by operators of differing skill levels.