Orbis Digital Torque Tester

The Orbis digital torque tester is ideally suited for basic clockwise and counter-clockwise torque tests.

Manually operated and measuring up to 6 N.m its capacity is ideal for most caps and closures which are intended to be opened by hand.

Providing data with significantly greater accuracy than analogue torque devices, it’s a simple and cost-effective solution for a variety of torque applications.

The Orbis cap torque tester is ideally suited to a wide range of screw-type closures and other components where application and removal torque need to be measured accurately.

The versatile top plate features adjustable gripping pegs to hold containers of various different shapes and sizes. An IP-54 rated splash-resistant case is easy to clean making it the perfect portable solution for torque testing in production and quality control areas.

Torque values can be measured in all common units (mN.m, N.m, lbf.in, ozf.in, kgf.cm) and displayed in peak-hold or live-display modes. Accidental changes to these settings by the operator can be prevented by using the keypad lock feature.

Once the test is completed the results can instantly be sent via RS232 or digimatic format to a printer or PC for further analysis and reporting.

Mains or battery-powered means that this portable device can be used just about anywhere. Weighing just 3 kg and fitted with an ergonomic carrying handle, it can be easily taken with you when visiting customers or suppliers.

With such extensive capabilities at an affordable price, the Orbis is widely used around the world on production lines across industries as diverse as beverages, medical, cosmetics, automotive and many more.