Myometer muscle strength tester

The Mecmesin Myometer is a highly accurate instrument suited to a wide range of muscle strength evaluations and ergonomic testing.

Developed in partnership with medical professionals, this dedicated instrument is able to perform more consistent fixed-point isometric muscle strength tests. The included accessories plus automatic calculation and display of the Constant Score values provide a complete solution for quick and reliable patient assessment.

The Mecmesin Myometer is the ideal instrument for the measurement of patient physiological strength. It provides healthcare professionals with an invaluable tool for the assessment of injury and disease progression, and treatment success. Additionally, as a sports training aid, it can objectively assess muscle development. It is supplied with accessories to enable fixed-point testing, the method established as providing the most reliable results compared to using hand-held devices.

The instrument can be securely clamped to a desk and the patient's limb held in an adjustable strap to provide the most consistent and accurate measurement.The patient pulls against the restraint and the Myometer records and clearly displays the resistive force.

The standard Constant Score calculation method of the muscle strength element of shoulder joint functional assessment can be automatically implemented and the results displayed immediately the test is completed. From the start of the test, the Myometer records the applied load at 2 and 3 seconds, the maximum value, and the mean load between 1 and 4 seconds.

Key specs

  • 1000 N capacity
  • All information clearly shown on digital display
  • Accuracy ±0.1% of full scale deflection
  • Data capture rate 5000 Hz
  • Digital and analogue output
  • Reversible display and backlight functions
  • Traceable certification and calibration service

Included accessories

  • Myometer
  • Mounting bracket clamp
  • Wrist/ankle cuff and strap
  • Transit case
  • Calibration certificate
  • Operating manual
  • Emperor™ Lite software and cables*

* Version with Emperor™ Lite