Compact Force Gauge (CFG+)

The Compact Force Gauge (CFG+) is the entry-level, low-cost digital force gauge from Mecmesin.

It is suitable for elementary tension and compression tests ranging from 50 to 500 N.

This lightweight, pocket-sized digital alternative to mechanical force gauges is ideal for non-critical applications that require peak measurements.

Compact Force Gauge (CFG+)

The CFG+ digital force gauge represents a highly affordable alternative to mechanical gauges and features an accuracy of ±0.5% of full-scale.

There are 3 models available with maximum capacities of 50, 200 and 500 N.

A clear simple LCD display shows readings in the most common measurement units (N, kN, mN, gf, kgf, lbf and ozf). Values are shown as continuously changing ‘live’ or frozen in the display to capture the peak reading.

Manufactured in a lightweight ABS plastic housing, the CFG+ has a simple keypad and comes equipped with RS232 output for easy data transmission.

Its primary use is as a hand-held device but it’s design makes it attachable to manual test stands for more controlled testing. An overload warning function, to reduce the risk of accidental damage to the instrument by an operator, is standard on all models.

Powered by disposable AA batteries, the CFG+ comes with basic accessories for tension and compression testing. A declaration of conformity is supplied as standard with a calibration certificate available for a small additional fee.