VectorPro® Lite data acquisition software

VectorPro™ Lite is Mecmesin’s affordable data acquisition and plotting software that provides a user-friendly means to evaluate results for both force and torque measurements.

Compatible with a range of Mecmesin test equipment and available in multiple languages, this software offers a simple way to gain valuable information about each sample’s performance.

What's included?

Your purchase includes the selected number of licenses for use of VectorPro Lite software. The software is delivered as a digital download, provided by your local area representative shortly after purchase, as well as a physical USB key containing the verified licenses for use and activation of the software with your digital gauge.

About VectorPro® Lite software

Available as an optional extra to Mecmesin's Orbis and Tornado digital torque testing instruments and Advanced Force and Torque Indicator (AFTI), VectorPro Lite is an advanced data-acquisition and plotting software package.

Live torque values are captured and automatically sent to VectorPro Lite to plot the graph of torque vs time. This helps to visually identify any events during the test which cannot be picked up by just having a peak reading on the instrument display.

To help determine whether your sample has met the necessary criteria, there is a suite of standard calculations with indicators of pass or fail to immediately alert the operator. A statistical analysis of results per batch of samples is produced and then incorporated, together with the graphs, into a customisable test report for your customer.